test your valves smarter

An intelligent and versatile test system for safety valves

The patented Inline-test system increases valve maintenance quality and efficiency through data gathering and analysis. The system has been tested and qualified both onshore and offshore.

The inline concept

Testing valves inline comes with several advantages. The first is safety. There are less operations needed when performing tests inline, each operation is associated with a risk and the fewer operations the lower the risk.

Considering the time needed to demount, lift, transport and test/replace a valve and transport it back to mount it is a lot more than just testing the valve inline. This gives the opportunity to test valves that are known to have problems more often if needed.



When testing a safety valve inline it is tested as mounted and will reflect the functionality in case of a “real” pop. When dismounting and transporting a valve to a workshop for testing there is a risk that the seat can get out of position etc.

Our test method follows the standards for valve testing API 527 and 576. Using a mobile test unit, certified for testing in Ex Zone1 IIC, the valve is connected via hoses to the drain points of the valve. Via a tablet the operator can monitor and run the test. After the test is performed an encrypted certificate is generated and can directly be uploaded to the ERP system.

ex-ikon-inline test

API 527

API 576

Gathering data

Inline-test uses several methods to gather data. The test unit is equipped with sensors and valves that will gather data about the complete test. Temperatures, pressure, flow, pressure build up time, pressure drop during pop just to mention a few. This data set is stored in our cloud based database and can be paired with other data via API towards ERP systems like SAP.

To get a head start in analysing the performance of your safety valves we also take advantage of historical test data that can be entered into the databased and used for analysis straight away. Using machine learning on the collected data will enable discoveries and insights about safety valves that can help optimizing the service interval

Generating value

1 %
Reduction in test time
1 %
Reduction in document handling
1 %
Reduction in HSE Exposure
1 %*
Reduction in valve maintenance cost

Our story

Inline-Test was established in 2017 as a spin-out from Oiw Process. Inline-Test had already captured the interest of Lundin Norway via a shared RnD project started in 2016.

Together with Lundin a pilot test unit was constructed and tested at INEOS during 2018. In 2019 an offshore test at Edvard Grieg was conducted and the collaboration is continued with the goal of further testing Q4 2019

In 2018, a 5 year contract was signed with AkerBP that will be initiated with the deployment of an inline test unit at the offshore platform Valhall

In august 2019, the investors ProVenture Mangement and Skagerak Maturo added inline-test to their portfolio to further develop and commercialize the inline product



In 2016 Inline-Test started working with Lundin Norway on a pilot project. In 2018 a test unit using the Inline technology was constructed and during Q2 2019 the pilot unit was tested at the Edvard Grieg platform. Further testing is planned in Q4 2019.


In 2018 Inline-Test signed a five year contract with Aker BP on the Valhall platform. Inline-Test will during that period perform tests on Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) and Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESD). Inline-Test will also deliver the Inline Cloud Solution including automatic generation of certificates, analytics and machine learning. The system is to be taken into service at the Valhall installation in the North Sea at the end of 2019.


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